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Technical Data



… is a natural product  


SCANFLAX® is a natural insulation based on flax. It belongs to the growing again raw materials.


SCANFLAX® insulations mats - a nature product with a degree of thermal conductivity and high sound absorption. SCANFLAX® ensures a well balanced and healthy inner climate and also a comfortable working environment.



… with advanced properties


Excellent thermal insulation

Outstanding inner climate

-    suitable for all building constructions

-    diffusionable for damp and water

95 % nature

-    only a limit amount of energy is required for producing flax insulation mats

-    contains about 95 % of natural flax fibres and approx 5 % synthetic binding


Natural noise absorption

-    an alternative to traditional sound absorption


Comfortable  working  environment

-    no itching and scratching, touch friendly

-    fixing without any inconvenience, nature product

-    no dangerous fibre construction


General use


SCANFLAX® is suitable for thermal insulation and sound absorbation in different building constructions. Detailed reports has been published by the Danish Fire Institut and the Danish Building Council. Please contact us for further information.



Technical  specifications



95 % refined flax fibres from either waste production or directly from grower with an admixture of 5 % synthetic binding fibres (polypropylen / polyethylen)



approx. 27 kg / m³


Thermal conductivity

λ 10          technological institut approx.   39 mW / mK

λ P           according to DS 418                39 mW / mK

λ declared according to CEN (EU)    40 - 42 mW / mK

λ design    according to CEN (EU)    40 - 42 mW / mK


Fire Safety

unclassified flammable material,

reaction to fire in the size of 0,2  mm / min,

flax products generate no hazardous gases by fire,

flax products burns without open flame - carbonisation


Moisture characteristics

no moisture supplement to insulation power 

(according to DS 418, 6 edition)

moisture aborbation at 80 RM - approx. 15 % moisture resistance Zp ca 0,3

capillarity k 0,016 


Noise protection

equivalent and better than traditional insulation products


Further Characteristics

vermin's (rats and mice) do not invade flax material  compostable and easily to recycle